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Life Skills Curriculum




Children are supported to become well rounded citizens with an understanding of the world around them and how to interact with it safely and how to gain the most from their experiences. The curriculum focuses on key points which are developed at various stages in their educational journey at an age appropriate level. 


Learning content meets the needs of the ever evolving world and community in which the children live and encourages reflection on the ways in which they will need to adapt to future change. Children acquire skills that support them in being resilient and independent in later life, as well as being able to emotionally regulate. 


They understand and uphold the British Values within their conduct around the school, as well as off site in everyday life. School routines mirror those that children will experience later in their life, such as voting and abiding by the rule of law. 


Children have an understanding of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural differences and how to respect these sensitively. They are guided to reflect upon their own social skills and how they can develop these to support them in advancing their independence. Children are supported in their exploration of morals and the learning of right and wrong in various different contexts. Spiritual and cultural practices are discussed with children in an informative manner, and individuals are encouraged to share their experiences of various different events that others may not partake in. Children are taught to respect difference and value uniqueness.


Teachers model the progressive adaptability our life skills curriculum endeavours to instill. Learning follows explicit planning alongside teacher judgement of addressing and developing specific issues for the individuals in their class. 


‘Jigsaw’ planning supports teachers in covering a wide range of Personal, Social, Health and Emotional issues in an accessible and discussive manner. Additional planning for Road Safety and E-Safety is used to support these areas, in recognition of the ever changing experiences children may encounter in these areas as they grow. 


Lessons take place in a discussion based format, with a focus on the development and embedding of skills. Guest speakers and workshops are used to engage children in developing their understanding of the risks in the world around them and how to manage these both physically and mentally. Children take part in Forest School sessions, at intervals throughout their schooling, to develop their resilience, team work, communication and risk assessing abilities.


Children are able to reflect upon their achievements and respond to feedback appropriately. They are able to interact with the world around them confidently and  independently and are ready for life in a larger environment. 


Children challenge themselves and are inspired to  discover new lines of enquiry in their own emotional, academic and physical development.




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