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E-Safety Guide for Parents

As many children have  or will get a laptop, tablet or smartphone , we have produced some guidance for you that has lots of useful information about how to keep your child safe using software or apps that access the internet.

This information is primarily for parents and  follows on from a lot of the guidance that your child receives in school.

It also covers some areas that your child may not be involved in until they are older or in secondary school. You may want to read the booklet first before you talk with your child about it as it has information on the dangers of ‘grooming’ and ‘sexting’.

The internet is a very useful resource but it has dangers that you and your child need to be aware of.

Help your child stay safe online:

1. Have the conversation early and often

2. Explore online together

3. Know who your child is talking to online

4. Set rules and agree boundaries

5. Make sure that content is age-appropriate

6. Use parental controls to filter, restrict, monitor or report content

7. Check they know how to use privacy settings and reporting tools


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