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Vision, Values and Aims

Three Year Vision Statement

Challenge - Inspire - Discover

At Warlingham Village Primary School we work alongside our families to provide additional experiences and opportunities that are essential for children to thrive. Therefore, we have developed a curriculum that incorporates a wider range of key life skills, topic-based experiences as well as academic excellence. Our 'Blue Button' qualities provide the important framework of independent skills required for our bespoke curriculum which endeavours to challenge, inspire and discover.


We aim to challenge our children to learn in more depht, inspire them to discover new knowledge and skills and develop a love of learning and resilience that will serve them well through the rest of their lives.





At Warlingham Village Primary School we aim to:


  • Create a safe environment that is motivating, happy and stimulating. An environment in which children acquire the skills, knowledge and concepts relevant to their future.
  • Enable our children to become confident, responsible pupils who are creative and independent in their learning.
  • Support our children in achieving their full potential in being enthusiastic, proactive learners who have high personal levels of achievement in literacy, numeracy and across the curriculum.
  • Help children to develop a tolerant and caring attitude, showing respect and understanding of others.
  • Maintain a friendly community and trusting relationship between home and school so that we can work together for the good of the children.




"Each child, having an individual personality, is encouraged to work towards their personal best within a happy, warm and friendly community."