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Through our approach to writing, children develop a range of skills that are transferable across the curriculum. Each year, we build on children’s previous understanding. We provide children with writing opportunities that are purposeful and meaningful empowering them to become passionate writers through the engagement with model texts appropriate to their age,  


Writing lessons are taught daily through a learning journey sequence. Throughout the writing sequence, children have the chance to explore examples of the genre, consider the audience the piece of writing is aimed at, consider the voice of the writer and look at the structure and organisation of the text. Alongside the exploration of the text, children will study grammatical elements that are in line with year group standards. In addition, grammar objectives are taught discreetly in stand alone lessons and these skills are applied in their writing lessons. During their writing, children will be expected to use their age related spelling successfully and use dictionaries for words that are more challenging. 

To help children build up a greater vocabulary, each writing session starts with a word of the day where the word type, morphology and meaning will be discussed. 

As children move through the school, they will be continuously building on their proofreading skills and will be able to edit their own work. As well this, children will be able to act on advice from marking feedback. Children will become more skilled in collaborating with peers; offering each other positive comments about what they have written and advice on how to improve their writing further. Handwriting is explicitly taught with a focus in EYFS and KS1 to ensure pencil grip and letter formation is accurate.


During their time at Warlingham Village, our writers are continuously developing their writing style. As the children go through the school, their writing skills evolve so they are able to write for an expanding audience and purpose. Children will be able to transfer their skills to successfully to communicate in real-life situations with confidence and clarity. 


Links to pupil resources:

Fun English Games - games to improve English skills such as debating and writing in different genres.   

Vocab Lab App -helps to deepen children's understanding of vocabulary.

MC Grammar -fun videos to help children understand and remember different elements of grammar.




Links to parent resources:

Bitesize Creative Writing -help with writing in a more organised, infomred way.

Oxford Owl  -fun resources to support children in getting started with story writing.            

Reading rockets - suggestions of acitivities for writing that can be carried out at home.




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