Part of the Glyn Academies Trust

Sports Premium Funding

2013-14 =  £8,860.00

2014-15 = £ 9000.00

2015-16  = £11,500.00

2015-16: Nine new items of outdoor gym equipment have been installed on the school field. It is for use by Year 2 to Year 6 due the minumum height of a child needed to use the equipment safely.

Safety matting has been installed around the  equipment in a designated area to the north of the infants tyre garden.

An all weather matting path has been laid from the playground, past the tyre garden, to allow safe access to the equipment all year. 

Included in the cost: Preparing the ground, installing the equipment and the safety matting around it, and laying a path from the playground. 

£1000.00 of this totoal was spent on official training for teachers to use the equipment with their classes. Included in this was training for teaching assistants and playtime assistants to supervise the outdoor gym area as part of the playtime ‘game zone’. 

Surplus funds are allocated to replacement gym equipment for the school hall

£1420.00 was spent on additional sports opportunities that have been offered by employing specialist coaches to provide expert tuition in swimming, cross-country, athletics and football, basketball ans futsal.


Outdoor P.E. equipment: The equipment has been more successfully used as part of the 'game zones' at playtime, and more specifically during the summer term as the weather is warmer. In winter the metal of the equipmentt is not so attractive to the childern.

It is used by the PE coaches in the summer as part of a main lesson.

In summer playtimes, the equipment is very popular with the children when it is their trun to use it and it is supervised well by the midday supervisors at lunchtime.

Expert coaches: The variety of sports offered has benefitted children from Reception up to Year 6. Futsal and handball are the most popular but tennis is also well-attended in the summer.