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The School Council

We are the school council and we have set the school some objectives to achieve by the end of the school year to help the children grow learn and flourish.

The School Council is an essential part of Warlingham Village Primary School; providing the children with the chance to use their oracy skills; to be heard and contribute to different decisions made within the school The School Council allows pupils to develop a range of different skills. Most obviously, and arguably most importantly, is the effect on the children’s self-confidence. By allowing the children to have an input in their school, the children’s independence and confidence is developed. This ability to impact the school inspires the children about their own value and the difference they can make to their world. The children feel a sense of pride about Warlingham Village. Therefore, the actions taken by the School Council must be achievable and acted on so the children can see the impact of their actions. 


As well as having an impact on their school, the School Council have the responsibility of organising charity events during the year. Not only can this help to teach the children to be humble, but this can also help them understand their role in helping improve others’ lives. 


The decisions and actions made within the School Council allows the children to gain an understanding of an organisation process, from idea to impact and of course- what a democracy is. They meet regularly (at least once a fortnight) and the team of councillors is made up of children from year 1 to year 6-  no matter their age, their opinions are important. 


 We start a School Council meeting by looking through the suggestion box and sorting these into different categories. We then continue with our current target and discuss what our next steps are. Everyone is given the chance to speak, and is listened to respectfully.  The children are asked to make notes on the discussions taking place, and feedback any key information to the rest of their class. Occasionally, the children are also required to speak in assemblies, to share key decisions and actions that have been made and any future plans. The school council display board and website page is also kept up to date with relevant information to inform parents of the school council focus and achievements. 


Having the School Council embedded in our school ethos provides children to chance to improve their self-confidence, their public speaking, and their problem-solving skills. All of these skills benefit the children throughout their lives, and can be applied to their curriculum learning and understanding of the world around them. The children know about the basic process which underpins politics within the UK. The councillors have a good understanding of key British Values, including democracy. Above all else, all children, whether they are councillors or not, gain a feeling of self-worth and empowerment.




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