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The School Council

We are the school council and we have set the school some objectives to achieve by the end of the school year to help the children grow learn and flourish.

Last July the whole school along with the parents and the teachers were asked to give ideas to make the school better which soon became these objectives:

To get at least 2 laptops in each classroom with access for all of the pupils

To have the library open after school, to have children from the school in there reading and for pupils to be allowed to take books home from the library

To do more experiments in science and less writing about it.

To do more music lessons during school time

To get new play equipment for the older children (key stage 2) on the field

To have some after school clubs that are not to do with sports


What has been achieved so far

There are 6 laptops in every classroom (not Reception and Year 1) and they can be borrowed by other classes if they don’t have enough.

A budget has been set for the library books, books are being chosen and it is all being prepared for the library to be open after school.

We took children from each class and asked them if science was getting more interesting because of the new experiments they had been doing. Each and every one of the children replied with an answer that science was definitely more fun than before.

We have a musician who has come in especially to teach the children who are interested in music either the violin, the piano or the recorder. Also they have a choice to sing if they want to. Chris Chambers has also set up a choir during Tuesday lunchtimes for all the people who are interested. Also, the school, choir has made it to a GLF concert in June where they will get to perform in front of the public.

As the school has been working on it for quite a long time now, there is finally some new equipment outside on the field for the older children to use. It is an outdoor gym with 9 stations for the children to use. They are not yet allowed to use the equipment because the teachers have not been trained to use it. The gym will be allowed to be used during playtimes on the field and there is enough for a whole class to enjoy.

We have a few clubs that aren’t sports but we’d like a few more.


We have achieved most of the objectives and we think we will achieve them all.


By Isabel and Presley – School Councillors

laptops                          outdoor gym (2)  

Using the laptops in the classroom                             The new Outdoor Gym equipment


This is the logo of the 'Our School Your Say' survey that we asked everyone in the school to complete in July 2014. It asked for 3 things ideas that would improve the school and 3 things that were good already. The school council chose the objectives that were the most in the survey. When we finished we had 7 objectives.