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Curriculum Overview

At Warlingham Village Primary School we are committed to providing an exciting, themed curriculum that promotes resilience and independence and is bespoke to our learners. 
The curriculum is linked by themes wherever possible and the classroom environment reflects this to encourage an inquisitive nature. Children are encouraged to put themselves in ‘the Challenge Zone’ instead of working in their comfort zone and teaching focuses on developing key independent learning skills:
  • Being creative
  • Making connections
  • Listening to others
  • Challenging themselves
  • Solving problems
  • Focusing
  • Acting on advice
  • Asking questions
  • Using initiative
  • Working with others
  • Never giving up Knowing it is OK to make mistakes.
Our English curriculum centres around key books, chosen with the class in mind, which pupils are immersed in through questioning, reading, speaking and listening and drama activities to encourage self-confidence and inspire children’s imagination when it comes to their writing and passion for reading. We use the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme in Recpetion and Key Stage 1 and in Key Stage 2 where needed. 
Our maths curriculum is delivered in ‘learning journeys’, bringing together a number of core skills children think will be needed to independently investigate a problem at the end of each unit. Children are expected to suggest the skills they need to learn and the resources they will need to be successful. 
Our Discovery curriculum incorporates science, ICT and the foundation subjects. The subjects are delivered through a themed approach, where possible, culminating in a Champion Challenge at the end of the unit. In this challenge, children bring their skills and knowledge together, along with the independent learning skills mentioned above to complete projects that involve them taking on a role and working as part of a team, resulting in children that are engaged, motivated and independent thinkers and learners.
Throughout the school curriculum children are encouraged to move onto Star Challenges when they have completed their work, self-evaluate and peer evaluate work using Success Checkers and respond to developmental marking. These strategies, alongside teacher evaluation, helps children to ‘uplevel’ their work, promoting children to constantly aspire to improve.
We have followed our curriculum ethos through to children’s homework, providing a themed ‘Take Away Menu’ activity list alongside the required maths and English elements. Children can choose activities, build up points and share at celebration events at the end of each term. 
Our enrichment curriculum provides opportunities for children to improve their sporting, musical and artistic abilities. School day trips, residential trips and visitors to the school, help to support the curriculum and children’s understanding of the local and wider community. 
We have a strong inclusion policy and use precise differentiation to make sure all children’s needs are catered for through quality first teaching practice; challenging each child at their own level of learning.
We believe our bespoke curriculum helps children to expand their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within an exciting and motivating atmosphere.