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Discovery Curriculum


Our Discovery curriculum is topic based and allows for cross-curricular learning to take place daily. Our children are able to capitalise on opportunities to make connections across different subject areas in order to consolidate their understanding of a topic and help transfer to long-term memory. The Discovery curriculum mainly encompasses Geography, History, Art and D&T, and encourages the children to approach these subjects with enthusiasm and intrigue.  These lessons require the children to apply the skills they are learning in core subjects and other subject areas that link well with a particular topic. Our topic-based learning approach often can be linked to other lessons in a school day to give children the chance to apply and consolidate their learning. 


 Champion Challenges are set for the children at the start of a topic and encompass the skills and knowledge they are learning. These challenges are often creative and require our children to use additional skills which may not be taught explicitly, such as enterprise, outdoor learning, presenting. They also have a strong focus on teamwork. By giving them an exciting and different learning opportunity, the learning is made more memorable- transferring into long-term memory.  These challenges give the children the opportunity to feel a sense of independence and challenge which allow them to produce an event or product that they can feel proud of. 


Our Take Away Homework offers the children the chance to choose a creative challenge which allows them further discovery into an area of interest within the topic. This ensures that, even in non-school environment, the children are inspired to learn and explore. By the end of each topic, we have inspired a sense of curiosity so that children are able to continue their learning, and apply their knowledge and skills in other scenarios. By the end of their time at primary school, children will leave with a love of learning and a desire to discover. Our commitment to the foundation subjects is demonstrated through our consistent teaching of these subjects in every year group.


Each year group explores topics with a base in geography or history which we have designed so topics are covered with the appropriate age groups. For example, Year 6 study World War II, as they are mature enough to handle such a sensitive topic and momentous moment in our History. Our geography based topics allow the children to explore examples of physical and human geography from all over the world. Initially, these topics focus on personal geography so that the children can relate their learning to their own experiences, before moving onto more abstract geography for the children, such as rainforests and natural disasters. By withholding these topics until the children are further through the school, we are allowing the children to develop their own understanding and knowledge of the world around them so that they are more likely to understand these topics in the appropriate year group. Our art and design and technology topics often coincide to reinforce to the children that these subjects can require skills that are interchangeable. The level of challenge in these subjects builds throughout the school through the use of different materials, for example, Year 1 starts with a focus on pencil, while Year 5 have a topic on sewing. With this development in equipment also comes a development in expectations. For example, Year 1 are required to create basic shapes with clay, whereas Year 6 are required to create a sculpture of an animal. Similarly, the children are expected to increase the steps they take within the design process. While, at first, the children may have a focus on the creation stage of design, towards upper key stage two, the children are required to participate in design, creation and evaluation. Both of these changes add an increasing level of challenge and creativity for each child. 


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