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Standard Assessment Tests and Tasks (SATs) 2020

Standard Assessment Tests
Year 6 Key Stage 2 Test Period
These will take place from Monday 11th May to Thursday 14th May 2019.
The days on which each paper are taken are yet to be confirmed but for 2019 the order was as follows:
Monday       English Reading
Tuesday      English Punctuation, Grammar, and Spelling Papers 1 and 2
Wednesday Mathematics Papers 1 and 2
Thursday    Mathematics Paper 3
Year 2 Key Stage 1 Test Period
May 2020
Year 1 Phonics Screening
From 8th June 2020
Year 4 Multiplicatino Screening Check
June 2020
Links to parents information about the SATs:
Below is a link to the School Data Dashboard where information about the school's performance can be found.

Data Dashboard